Spiritual qualities hidden in a voice...the voice and words become a song.
A powerful, soulful singing voice invokes ancient memories contemplating the concept and meaning of life.

1969 - Born

  • Musical activities began at the age of 16 in Fukuoka, including performances at live music venues and events.
  • Yamaha popular music contest vocal category championship.
  • Became fascinated with soulful music at the age of 17, she started to build her music career in the world of African American music including Gospel, Seoul, R & B and JAZZ.

1996 – Visited New York City, U.S.A.

  • Live-in program and vocal lessons/voice training in the studio of Gordon Dukes (Soul, R&B Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Bandleader) and learned staging at the same time.
  • Performed with the Halsey Gospel Group in a church in downtown Harlem.

1998 – Visited Africa to delve further into the origins of black music.

  • Roamed the African Continent for one year, sensing joy, sorrow, and life through musical interaction with local people.
  • Performed with a local orchestra in a wedding parade, participated in a Masai "Praying for rain festival " and joined sessions in many festivities in the street and open spaces in many areas.

After returning home, performed in activities to convey the importance of the borderless joys of music to schoolchildren as a guest elementary school teacher, inspiring their curiosity and imagination.

In parallel to artist activities, serving as lecturer at a professional music school while concentrating on nurturing the young.

Costar with Keith Middleton (N.Y. Off Broadway "STOMP" main cast) and YAMAZEN (King of Rock Blues) Hideaki Masago (authority of the healing music world)
Hiroki Miyano (global jazz guitarist) Seiichi Yamamura (group percussionist), Yuji Enomoto (African percussionist), Yukitaka Nagami (jazz pianist), Phil Perry (gospel singer)
Performing with artists of various fields and receiving high evaluations. Formed a duo and performing throughout Japan with guitarist Pepe Ito. Playing with top musicians from all the countries of the world now.
Solo recording and concert activities mainly in Kyushu and requests from many places throughout the entire country.


  • Keith Middleton New York Off Broadway "STOMP" main actor
    In September 2014 Fukuoka, I was given the auspicious opportunity to meet the super talented Ms Gun Kondo.
    We were both being interviewed for our upcoming performance/collaboration for the world renown Nakasu Jazz Festival.
    We knew of each other but this interview was our first actual meet. Upon entering the room I was immediately aware of her gracious and majestic presence.
    When asked to freestyle together for a sound bite, I was floored by her soulful style and her vocal raw power.
    During our rehearsal I was so excited and anxious for the people to see our unique combination. When we actually performed it was a dream come true I did not want to wake up from. Gun Kondo is a force, a movement, a generous soul sharing her beautiful voice and raw energy with the world.
    We are lucky to have her here on earth.

2000: Journey to INSIDE CD live release @ ZEPP FUKUOKA
2004: NAGUN Kansai, Kanto tour
2005: Participated in Hideaki Masago "Wind Hunter" CD release live tour as a recording member
2006: Released DVD of picture book series "Whale under the moonlight"
2009: Kuro Isanishiki (black malt shochu) TVCM song
2012: Performance at Mount Fuji festival – FumoToppara - "All of life in nature to people"
2013: Performance at Nakasu JAZZ Festival
2013-2014: Performance at "Hakata X'mas Market in Light"
2014: Performance at Nakasu JAZZ Festival with Keith Middleton from N.Y. Off Broadway "STOMP"

photo by Hideko Kamata / loc. Dover Itoshima